Rage 3 Unblocked

Rage 3 Unblocked

Rage 3 is an action-packed online game that you can play for free on PC, mobile devices, and iPad browsers. With its popularity in the action gaming category, Rage 3 has garnered a 5-star rating from 90% of players. Developed using html5 technology, Rage 3 is accessible on both PC and mobile networks. You can start playing the unblocked version of Rage 3 on doodoo.love in fullscreen mode without any downloads required.

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Rage 3 Introduction

Rage 3 is an action game developed by an unspecified developer. You can play it online at DooDooLove without the need to download any apps; simply open a browser on your iPad, PC, or mobile phone to start playing. Rage 3 has gained popularity among many players since its launch. We hope you’ll enjoy playing Rage 3 as well!

How to play Rage 3 online?

<h3>Controls</h3> <ul> <li>Arrow keys = Move</li> <li>Double tap right or left arrow key = Dodge roll</li> <li>A = Melee</li> <li>S = Shoot gun</li> <li>Q/E = Switch weapons</li> <li>D = Unleash special attack (Rage meter has to be over 100)</li> </ul>

Rage 3 Walkthrough

Playing Rage 3 can’t find a trick? Check out the Rage 3 walkthrough to help you get the cheats. In the Rage 3 walkthrough video below, you can get the most gaming fun.

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