Learn To Fly Unblocked

Get ready to launch your 2D penguin buddy into the skies and leave behind all the waddling, sliding, and falling! Learn to Fly challenges players to help their penguin achieve flight using creative engineering and plenty of rockets.

The original game features three exciting modes: Classic, Arcade, and Story. In Classic mode, players strive to cover the longest distance within a limited number of days. Arcade mode presents the challenge of flying through rings and avoiding obstacles to earn points. Lastly, Story mode guides players through a series of challenges, unlocking new items to enhance the penguin’s flying capabilities.

Players can also customize their penguin with a variety of hats and costumes to reflect their personal style. As you progress, you’ll encounter diverse obstacles that test your reflexes and flying skills. Whether it’s navigating around trees, dodging snowballs, collecting power-ups, or unlocking upgrades, Learn to Fly offers an exciting and captivating gaming experience. So gear up your penguin and embark on an epic flying adventure!

How to Play

Use the mouse to click and drag different items onto your penguin to build its flying contraption. Adjust your flight angle with the left and right arrow keys, and activate rockets and special abilities by pressing or holding the spacebar. Earn money by flying longer, faster, and farther to unlock boosters and upgrades, and achieve various achievements.