Balls and bricks Unblocked

Balls and bricks Unblocked

Your objective is to eliminate all the blocks before they descend to the bottom in each level. Use precise aim and strategic shooting to hit the blocks the necessary number of times to destroy them. There are 20 levels to conquer.


In this game, each block displays a number indicating how many hits it requires to disappear. Your goal is to aim and shoot the ball stream strategically to prevent the blocks from reaching the bottom line of the screen. You can hit the stationary ball power-ups on the screen to increase the number of balls available for shooting. The round circle at the bottom of the screen shows the current number of balls available.

Controls: Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to aim, then release the button to fire. For touch controls, hold your finger down and move to aim, then release to fire.

You can press the down arrow icon to bring all the bouncing balls down again, useful when there’s a lone ball bouncing around without hitting anything.